A Bible Based Statement About The Titles: Miss-Mrs-Ms, And Why A Woman Must Not Dress Like A Man

Hey America:

Isn’t it funny how fads get started? It appears to me that many of us just fall into them with little or no thought as to the wisdom (or lack there of) behind them. In recent decades more than one has begun in America, as well as at the very same time more than one practice that was habit among our people in generations past have very greatly ceased to be commonly practiced in modern times. Let’s consider some of these for few minutes.

In decades past in America it was altogether common when introducing a woman to another to use a prefix before her family name, and in so doing give the description of her status in life, whether she was a married or an unmarried woman. In other words,”Sally Jones,” who was an unmarried woman was introduced, or referred to a stranger as, Miss Sally Jones. This denoted that she was an unmarried woman who belonged to the Jones family, her father’s family name being Jones. Later when Miss Sally Jones married Frank George, she began to be introduced as Mrs. George, or even more specifically, Mrs. Frank George. (since her husband’s first name was Frank) When Sally Jones married she took her husband’s family name, and in a formal introduction was referred to using his first name so that it was understood that she not only married into the George family, but specifically she became wife to one of the brothers in the George family, whose name was Frank. For example, Frank Jones may well have had 5 brothers. Therefore to introduce her by saying only Mrs. Jones was not at all descriptive has to who she belonged to. Obviously in all generations among people who were kin, or who enjoyed close friendship ties the need for formality would be dropped, and people then dealt with one another on a first name basis.

Many would think that such formality is “old fashioned”, or “puritanical”, or “oh how submissive”. Some might even think of it has degrading to a woman. My my, what a foolish generation we have become. I suggest that these practices that at one time were common in American culture had great purpose and need, and fulfilled Biblical principles of living far more than many would realize, or want to admit to.

Another recent cultural trend is the use of the term Ms, not a Miss, not a Mrs, but a Ms. Well, just what is a Ms anyway? I understand what a Miss is. She is a female person who is yet unmarried, and thus is meant by God’s law, and very right moral practice to be sexually untouched. The which status she is to maintain until such time as she surrenders herself to a husband. In that she is not yet married she is to remain in her father’s house, and be subject to the laws and habits of her father’s house. This is according to God’s laws and all wise points of understanding. A Mrs, is a woman who has entered the marriage covenant and in the confines of that relationship has surrendered her virginity to her husband. By God’s law she belongs to him, he is literally her owner, and is responsible for all points related to her natural life. Although the husband owns the wife, it is not at all like the ownership of a car, or a house. She can be bought, (in fact the practice of a bride’s price is a very ancient and very wise practice, which worked to prove that a suitor was able to produce a living for the woman she was speaking for, as well as it properly reflected the spiritual reality that Christ as the heavenly bridegroom purchased unto Himself every soul of man that calls out to Him and enters His salvation) but she can never be sold, or traded, or given away. Once acquired, a wife is meant by God to be a permanent possession, thus both the responsibility and treasure of a husband. Therefore, to fulfill the royal law of liberty she must be treated with all understanding and loved as Christ would treat any Believer.

So what is a Ms? In God’s economy there is a Miss, and there is a Mrs. There are unmarried women, and there are married women, but there is no such thing as a half married woman. In my take that is exactly what the spirit behind the term Ms is. It is my determination that the term Ms has come about as certain women want less and less to be counted as a married woman. They do not want to be counted as a Miss, for that may denote they are inexperienced in the ways of the world, and at the same time are responsible to a father’s headship. Nor do they want to be referred to as a Mrs, for that denotes that they belong to a husband, and are therefore responsible to be faithful and obedient to him. I find the term Ms to be reflective of the lives of many women who direct themselves to live in a manner that is “liberated” and “independent” of male headship, and at the same time is reflective of the spirit of many Christians who wish to retain the name of Jesus, but at the same time demand control of their own lives, therefore not living in a manner that is in accordance to His commandments.

Another trend that should be mentioned that certainly violates the principle, or testimony of God’s law, is the practice of women refusing to take the husband’s family name when entering the covenant of marriage. In other words a woman retains her maiden name as her last name instead of taking to herself her husband’s family name. Why would a woman do this? This I can say, it notes a sincere ignorance or abandonment of the working out of the principles of God’s word. A question for you gals that do not wish to take to yourself your husband’s family name. Did you not as a child receive your father’s family name? Did it not note that you were then under his care and government? Was your father so much greater of a man then your husband that you now refuse to depart from your father’s family name and take to yourself your husband’s name? And if that is so, why do you now leave your father to go to a husband, why do you not simply abide with, and serve the purposes of your father? Do you not wish your husband to be to your “knight in shining armor”?, and if not, why did you give yourself to him in the first place? Or is it really that you have never surrendered your person to him, you only cohabitate together so that you can each mutual use the other, but at the same time still remain detached and independent of each other? I tell you America, this is very often the spirit that is the major portion of many marriages in the United States in this generation, and at the same time is reflective of the spirit of many professing Christians who wish to retain a “relationship” with Christ, but live out their lives on their own terms.

Still another modern fad- fashion-trend, or whatever you may want to call it, is the practice of women dressing in men’s attire, IE, the wearing of pants. Moses commanded against this in the law. (Duet. 22:5) In fact, Moses, speaking by the unction of the Holy Spirit went so far as to say that not only is such a practice an abomination to Yahweh, but that the person who does so is considered an abomination to Him. What is an abomination? It is something that is detested by God. It is not something that is honored by God. Why we’re speaking of this let’s ask ourselves a question concerning this topic. How is it that almost all men (adult males) would not for a moment consider being seen dressed in a skirt or a dress? In fact, if you think what I am saying is not true, try putting a dress on a man and see how many bruises, black eyes and broken noses will come of it. Yet, it is “supposedly” fine for a woman to dress in pants, and most women (and most of society) think nothing of it? How can she dress like him, but at the same time he can not dress like her? Are there answers to these questions?


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