How to Tell If Your Man Sees You As Wife Material

You’re wondering how to tell if he sees you as wife material. You’re crazy about a certain man and you two have been together for a time. You wish he’d just see the future through the same eyes you do. He doesn’t though. He’s never spoken about marriage while it’s something you think about often. You wish there was a way to know whether he even considers you to be a suitable life partner. After all, you want to be realistic and not pine away for a commitment that will never happen. Although you can’t possibly read his mind, you can gather some helpful clues from his behavior. Those clues will help you determine whether or not he sees you as his bride-to-be in the future.

Understanding how to tell if your man sees you as wife material involves reading subtle clues that he’s unwittingly giving away. One such clue is the man who is suddenly concerned over his financial situation. Most men who are confirmed bachelors have one concern in life and that’s taking care of themselves. They don’t think about how they’ll pay for a wedding or where they’ll find the money to take care of a family. When a man finally meets the woman he sees as his future wife, money becomes something he can’t stop thinking about. Every man wants his future wife to be able to feel comfortable financially so if your guy seems preoccupied with his bank account and investment portfolio, this may be why.

You can also tell if he sees you as someone he wants to spend his life with if he’s very open about things. Some men, who are still very much thinking about being single, won’t allow their girlfriend access to their life. That typically means she doesn’t really know his friends, she may not have even met his family and she has little idea what he’s doing most of the time. A man like this is thinking in a very independent fashion. He’s not even close to considering what type of woman would make the ideal wife for him.

A man always wants to marry a woman he views as near perfect. We all know that we’re not perfect but it feels amazing to be with a man who views you as such. One of the clues that a man might be considering you as his future wife is he’ll find all your imperfections captivating. He’ll love that you’re carrying a bit of extra weight around your tummy or he’ll find it adorable that you leave the cap off the toothpaste. A man who is critical of you likely doesn’t see you as someone he’ll want to spend his life with. To him you’re a woman that he’s spending his right now with and in the future he’ll look for someone he feels is more of an ideal match for him.                                

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