Microsoft Office Training Leads To Productivity Enhancement

Almost everyone who is able to use computers knows how to use Microsoft Office Products. However, few of them can claim to be true experts at using this software. People who induct in professional training programs to learn the use of this impeccable software are able to increase their productivity massively, as people who are novices tend to take more time to accomplish tasks. Therefore an effective way for companies to increase efficiency of its staff is to make Microsoft Office training compulsory for their employees.

Improvement in Productivity:

Microsoft Office programs are so widely used, that many people believe that Microsoft Office training will add little value to their knowledge. In reality, this training is not just about learning keyboard shortcuts, as lectures delivered by certified professionals can change the entire experience of using Office programs. Customization of these programs can cut task times by as much as half. For example, by using the mail merge feature on MS Word, the time to type mailing labels can be decreased to almost 1/5th.

As Microsoft’s products are used in almost every business for differing purposes, efficiency in using these products will help save time, which almost always translates into cost savings for the business, thus making it more profitable.

How to Evaluate Employees’ Skill Level?

Microsoft claims that its users are not aware of the level of functionality its products offer to the user. A simple survey revealed that people considered the capabilities of MS Office to be limited and used it as a simple word processor. Similarly MS Excel, although in reality very powerful software, is perceived to be a mathematical processor. MS Excel can be used as relational software and various spreadsheets can be integrated together.

The same survey can be undertaken in an organization as it will reveal the skill level of employees pertaining to expertise in MS Office. Most employers would find that their employees are not realizing the full potential of Office products but working with only a portion of the application’s functions, and Microsoft Office training will help to clarify ways of increasing efficiency.

Types of Training Programs:

There a number of ways, such training programs can be conducted. For companies, the option is even wider since training companies are willing to offer tailor made programs according to an organizations’ needs and budget constraints. Microsoft Office training can be conducted either in-house, via online multimedia or require employees to attend classes at the training institute. There are benefits for each method and are discussed subsequently.

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