Constantine and the Scarlet Colored Beast

Constantine Invented Jesus Christ

Emperor Constantine needed to have a false god who was no threat to his power but who, in turn, would provide him with more control over a huge empire. He nominated the Virgin Mary as the Mother of God. This was nothing new as she was venerated as the Mother God or the Sun that was already worshipped throughout the empire.

Mari is Mary

She was called ‘Mari’ and the previous capital of the Amorites was named after her. It was destroyed by earthquake shortly before the Amorites, of which Constantine is a descendant, built Roma. ‘Amor’ reversed is ‘Roma’ and it was normal to reverse names for similar things. The Mother of God was also called Mary.

Sun’s Reflection led to a New God

It was the sun’s reflection in water or on a shiny surface that invoked the idea that it could become a man and speak on behalf of her to impose the law. The Greeks had used it to introduced their sun-of-god Apollo. Constantine claimed he was a son of Apollo and contemporary authors state that he had the statue of Apollo borne before him in processions. He is also known to have made generous donations to the temple of that god.

Kings Reflecting the Sun

The use of jewels and gold to reflect the sun indicated the godship of kings. This was believed in almost every community on earth from the Mayan kings who wore bright reflective gold to make them resemble the sun, to the modern day emperors who wear symbols, such as the eight pointed star and jewels for the same reason. Even Australian aborigines who were isolated for the best part of 100,000 years call their elders Mary as a sign that they are suns.

The Amors built Rome

Constantine was descended from the Amors whose previous capital city was Mari. It was destroyed by earthquake prior to the construction of their new capital Roma. The name of that city reversed is ‘Amor’. ‘Ma-r-i’ translates linguistically as ‘mother’s powerful eye’ and is ‘mary’ in English.

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